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Trade Show Banner, Backdrop, and
Table Ideas for 2024 and Beyond

Trade Show Banner, Backdrop, and Table Ideas for 2024 and Beyond
published: March 7, 2024

Did you know the average trade show budget for U.S. businesses last year clocked in at just over $1,350? Multiple criteria factor into every trade show budget, including the size of your business, how many trade shows you plan to exhibit at, and the outcome you hope to achieve.

Whether you’re working with a small trade show budget or an above-average one, forget the numbers for now! We’ll show you how to work within your means and generate leads with our expert trade show ideas.

3 Trade Show Table Ideas & Tips

3 Trade Show Table Ideas & Tips

The epicenter of any trade show booth is the table where you display products, branded giveaways, and more. Let’s explore three of our favorite trade show table ideas to keep in mind as you plan for your next event!

1. Do the Most with Limited Space

No two trade show booths are identical. At one trade show, you may have multiple tables to work with. As for the next? Maybe you only have space for a single, collapsible model — and a tiny one at that. If you’re in a space crunch, follow our tips to maximize your table space:

  • Go vertical with your custom table displays! You’ll save table space, and the crowd can see them better.
  • Avoid tabletop clutter. Keep your surfaces organized by allocating a designated space for all items.
  • Utilize bright lights and bold colors to attract attention.
  • Make use of the space underneath your tables for any extra branded trade show promotional swag and other supplies.

2. Choose Customized Table Covers and Runners

Since your trade show table is a focal point for your booth, you’ll want to make a bold (and professional) statement. Decking tables out with customized table covers and runners will give your booth professional appeal.

Not sure which table cover or runner to pick? You’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • Contact the trade show organizers in advance about the size, shape, and quantity of tables for your booth.
  • Choose a simple yet meaningful custom logo that is bold yet isn’t too busy
  • Determine if you want a Fitted Table Cover or a more free-flowing style, such as a 3-sided table cloth.

3. Get Strategic About Display Placement

Before your visitors can read through your displays, they need access to them. One of our top trade show booth display ideas centers on visibility. Positioning your displays in key areas (e.g., customer-dwelling areas, at the entrance and exit points, etc.) will give your visitors more time to experience the impact of the message on each one.

Trade show table displays come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples of matching the proper display with its table location:

Center of the table
Behind the table
Limited table space

3 Trade Show Banner Ideas & Best Practices

3 Trade Show Banner Ideas & Best Practices

1. Choose the Right-Sized Banner for Your Booth

Branded trade show banners come in all shapes and sizes. A basic rule of thumb is to opt for a banner proportionate to your booth’s size. For instance, if your booth is on the smaller side, choose a smaller banner, such as the Premier Banner 36” x 27”.

Planning on attending several trade shows in the future? Retractable banners can accommodate different-sized booths. That way, you’ll know your banners will fit in any space.

2. Aim for Instant Brand Identity

When industry competitors and trade show attendees walk past (and enter) your booth, you want them to know whose booth it is instantly. A great trade show banner idea is to include a custom logo or slogan as an easy way to create an instant brand identity!

Of course, there are other ways to design your trade show banners (besides including your logo) to let everyone know it’s your booth. Consider the following before designing your trade show banner:

3. Remember Graphic Design Basics

You don’t need a background in graphic design to know whether a banner is too bold, overly cluttered, or in the wrong color. Stick to these graphic design basics when choosing the right banner for your upcoming trade show:

  • Choose from a color palette that aligns with your brand to achieve consistency.
  • Go with a bold color as an effective way to capture the crowd’s attention.
  • Avoid a banner that’s overloaded with graphics or text.

2 Tips for Choosing Trade Show Swag & Giveaways

2 Tips for Choosing Trade Show Swag & Giveaways

1. Know What Your Audience Wants

Have you ever attended an event and left with a pile of promo items you’ll likely never use? Don’t be the business that gives away unwanted items. The first rule to choosing the best trade show giveaways is knowing what your target audience wants and what they may expect from your brand.

For example, giving your visitors a Game Day Clear Zippered Stadium Tote or a Champion Sport Bag would make sense if you’re a part of the sports industry. You can’t go wrong by keeping your audience first in mind.

2. Aim for Swag That’s Practical & in High Demand

Think about it — if you give visitors to your booth a custom trade show giveaway that they want (and will use), you have a better chance at making a solid impression that could convert them into a customers.

Hand out branded swag that’s practical and popular with some of our best-selling giveaways:

2 Trade Show Backdrop Ideas & Tips

2 Trade Show Backdrop Ideas & Tips

1. Nail Down the Message You Want the Backdrop to Convey

We’ve all heard of the KISS method – Keep It Simple, Silly! This method applies to your branded trade show backdrop of choice, too. Remember that simple doesn’t mean sacrificing professionalism or quality.

With a backdrop, you’re dealing with a lot of real estate, so filling every inch of that space with a message or graphic is tempting. Instead, give yourself a goal of one to five items, depending on the size and shape of your banner. That could mean the name of your business, its logo, and your slogan, or countless other combinations.

2. Think About Aesthetics for Your Trade Show Backdrop Ideas

Logos, graphics, text, creating a balance, and more — so much goes into nailing down the right trade show backdrop design.

As you begin designing your backdrop, remember the following considerations:

  • Choose a typography that’s as close to your brand’s other marketing materials as possible.
  • Graphic images/photographs should be relevant to your brand and trade show theme.
  • Consider contrast so that your text stands out from the background design.
  • Consider a step and repeat pattern featuring your logo if you are short on design inspo.

Regardless of your budget, the more trade show ideas you have in your exhibition-planning toolbox, the closer you’ll get to creating your ideal booth without cutting any corners.

Geiger offers a diverse range of custom trade show decor for your booth — available in every size, shape, color (and price point).

Contact us and allow our team to set up your next trade show booth for success!