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What is The Geiger Edge?

At Geiger, we believe that success is not just about achieving your goals, but also about making a positive impact along the way. That's why we're committed to empowering your success through the Geiger Edge - a unique combination of expertise, innovation, and social responsibility.

For over 145 years, we've been dedicated to helping our customers stand out in a crowded marketplace. But we know that success isn't just about promoting your brand - it's also about making a difference in the world. That's why our commitment to society is at the heart of everything we do, from our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives to our ESG Reporting and the digital safety measures we take to ensure that our digital footprint is as socially conscientious as possible.

But our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. Our Advanced Personal Services offer cutting-edge solutions like our one-of-a kind PopUP Stores, Corporate Webstores for employee gifting, and Custom Kitting, designed to help you build meaningful connections with your customers and employees. And with our tenure in the promotional products industry, you can tap into our decades of industry expertise, access our global reach, and take advantage of our Complete Fulfillment Solutions to bring your brand to life in a way that truly resonates.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Geiger's committed to a greener promotional product industry. Our Lewiston, Maine headquarters boasts Maine's largest private solar array, powering our operations and reducing our carbon footprint by 320,000 pounds annually. We further offset emissions by partnering with UPS to calculate and support environmental projects like reforestation and renewable energy. By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to inspire positive change throughout the industry.

Geiger Solar Panels

Social Responsibility

At Geiger, we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment and our communities. Our solar panels generate 100% of our power, and we're proud to be LEED certified at the Gold level. We're also dedicated to carbon neutral shipping, offsetting every UPS shipment to and from our suppliers and customers. But that's not all - we give back to our communities through local charity work, volunteerism, and innovative initiatives like planting trees to replace paper usage. Plus, our recycling programs and work-from-home policies help reduce waste and conserve resources. Join us in our mission to make a difference!

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Our True North

True North: Our ESG Reporting

At Geiger, we're dedicated to transparency and accountability in our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. Our ESG Guide outlines our commitment to making a positive impact, from minimizing our environmental footprint to empowering communities through social impact programs. Guided by our True North, we're charting a course towards a more sustainable future. We invite you to explore our ESG Guide and learn how we're investing in a future we believe in – one that's better for our people, planet, and prosperity. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter tomorrow.

Our True North

Advanced Personalization Services

Geiger helps brands create unique connections with customers through personalized experiences like PopUP Stores™, Corporate Webstores, and Custom Kitting. Our experts and technology craft unforgettable brand stories.

Corporate Webstores

Take your brand to the next level with Geiger's custom-designed Corporate Webstores. Our expert team creates mobile-friendly ecommerce websites that perfectly capture your company's personality and culture. Seamlessly integrated with our systems and your procurement platforms (including Ariba, Coupa, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and EqualLevel), our webstores offer a feature-rich, intuitive shopping experience for your employees and customers.

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Custom Kitting

Geiger's Custom Kitting solutions allow you to curate highly personalized gift sets for any occasion, tailored to your exact requirements. From product selection to customization, gift-wrapping, and messaging, we handle every detail in-house, ensuring exceptional quality, cost control, and timely delivery. By expertly bundling products together, we create a cohesive and memorable brand experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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PopUP Store

Experience the ultimate in flexibility and control with Geiger's PopUP Stores™ - a trademarked solution for branded promotional products. Enjoy a hassle-free, cost-free, and contract-free experience, with no inventory to buy and no annual spending requirement. Our easy-to-use website lets you curate a personalized store with over 10,000 products to choose from, including custom options. Showcase your brand your way, with flexibility to display multiple logos and colors.

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Industry Leading Experience

As a 4th generation family-owned business with a rich history spanning over 145 years, Geiger has established itself as a trusted leader in the promotional products industry. Our legacy of excellence is built on a foundation of expertise, innovation, and exceptional customer service. With decades of experience in helping businesses like yours succeed, we've developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create effective promotional solutions.

Leveraging our global reach and complete fulfillment solutions, we'll help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of promotional marketing with confidence. Trust Geiger to bring your brand to life with our industry leading experience.

Geiger Global

Geiger's global footprint and network of partnerships enable seamless international sourcing and shipping, connecting you to a world of possibilities. We have 14 field sales offices across the US2 UK sales offices and distribution centers in London and Rotterdam, Netherlands, close partnerships with top distributors and suppliers worldwide, a global technology platform accessible from anywhere, and we facilitate smooth and secure international transactions, ensuring your brand reaches new heights globally. Trust Geiger's global expertise to navigate international markets with ease.

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Global Fullfillment

Take your brand's logistics to the next level with Geiger's state-of-the-art Global Fulfillment services. Our distribution center offers a comprehensive package of benefits, including accurate shipping charges and reduced packaging waste with Cubiscan technology, certified hazardous materials shipping, custom kitting and special packaging capabilities, 100% carbon neutral shipping through our partnership with UPS, real-time inventory visibility and in-house embroidery and print services. With all of this at your disposal you can trust Geiger to streamline your global fulfillment needs.

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