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Nurses Week in May is a chance for healthcare facilities to honor the nurses who selflessly dedicate themselves to patient care. Let's celebrate these incredible individuals and recognize the impact they have everywhere!

One of the most effective ways to show your organization cares is by giving thoughtful gifts that show your appreciation. In this article, we’ll explore some great gifting ideas for Nurses’ week that leave nurses feeling appreciated.

Check out this curated selection of Nurses’ week gift ideas.

Nurses’ Week Top Gift Ideas

*Product category selection based on sales data and survey results.

32 oz Terrain Thermal Mug

32 oz Terrain Thermal Mug

ITEM # 526551

Keep your nurses happy and hydrated with the Terrain Thermal water bottle.

20 oz Contigo Ashland Chill 2.0

ITEM # 526058

The carrying handle lets nurses take their bottle on-the-go.

20 oz Contigo Ashland Chill 2.0
Lip Butter

Lip Butter

ITEM # 526331

Nurses work tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe, often at the cost of their own comfort. That's why they deserve a special lip butter.

iPROTECT® Antibacterial Pen

ITEM # 524607

Introducing the ultimate pen for nurses - the antibacterial pen!

iPROTECT Antibacterial Pen
Casely Power Pod

Casely Power Pod

ITEM # 526520

Fits in their pocket, purse, or scrub pocket, so they can take it with them on the go.


We asked nurses in five different healthcare settings for gifting advice, read some of our favorites:

Nurses gift preferences

Men’s/Ladies' Tamarack Full Zip Jacket

ITEM # 524443/524444

A pop of style for nurses everywhere. Zip-up jackets and vests are one of the most popular selling items for nurses’ week gifting.

Tamarack Full Zip Jackets
Igloo Leftover Lunch Bag

Igloo® Leftover Lunch Bag

ITEM # 526094

Designed with the busy nurse in mind, offering the perfect combination of convenience and function.

Carter Quilted Tote Bag

ITEM # 524094

A practical and stylish accessory for nurses who need a reliable and convenient way to carry their work and personal belongings with them.

Carter Quilted Tote Bag
Modern Sprout Rooted Candle

Modern Sprout® Rooted Candle

ITEM # 526492

As functional as the apparel and drinkware items are, sometimes nurses just need a little pampering.

Jacquard Athletic Sock

ITEM # 526360

Nurses are constantly on their feet, comfortable footwear is an essential part of their daily uniform.

Jacquard Athletic Sock
PVC Plastic Lanyard

PVC Plastic Lanyard

ITEM # 524608

With its easy-to-clean material, this lanyard is the perfect solution for nurses who need to maintain a clean and germ-free environment.

Buy these products individually, create a kit to hand out, or drop ship a box directly to their home for an unboxing experience they’ll love.

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