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Earth Day Gifts & Giveaways to Celebrate
Environmental Responsibility in 2022

Earth Day Gifts & Giveaways to Celebrate Environmental Responsibility in 2022
published: April 13, 2022  

Earth Day is an annual event that takes place on April 22, and for companies who are actively committed to environmental responsibility, it's an important day to celebrate because it shows employees that you're serious about your environmental commitment. Recognizing Earth Day also creates a positive impression in the community including your clients and customers.

Earth Day gifts are a great way to show your support and inspire eco-friendliness, but you can also use them for Earth Week office ideas or to celebrate throughout the year, including the holidays, Employee Appreciation Week, during trade shows and more.

As part of our commitment to corporate environmental responsibility, we offer a range of Earth Day products in various price ranges and categories that are energy-efficient, reusable and recyclable. Imprint any of these Earth Day eco-friendly products with fun eco-friendly sayings to create a custom gift for employees, customers and clients.

Affordable Earth Day Giveaways

Cheap Earth Day gifts provide you with the opportunity to devise Earth Day ideas for employees and clients without having to break the bank. Coming up with cheap Earth Day gift ideas doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality either because these products are sure to deliver the message you want.

Promote Earth Day and go green with affordable Earth Day gifts in bulk that align with the purpose of the day by selecting items that are sustainable, reusable, biodegradable and made from renewable and recycled materials. From the Flower Seed Matchbook to add a little green to the world to the Recycled PET Two-Tone Pouch constructed with recycled PET fabrics, check out these Earth Day giveaways guaranteed to leave a positive impact.

Affordable Earth Day Giveaways
Earth day gifts for business

Earth Day Gifts for Businesses

Spark some excitement for the environment with Earth Day business ideas that are innovative and unique. Whether you're planning corporate Earth Day events outside or coming up with environment day celebration ideas in office, you can make your brand more sustainable with Earth Day swag and giveaways.

Choose Earth Day promotional items that give back to ensure part of your purchase goes to a good cause. The 25 oz CamelBak Chute® Mag Bottle Tritan™ Renew does just that through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, where one percent of sales of EcoSmart products are donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

Luxury Eco Friendly Gifts

Splurge-worthy luxury eco gifts are worth the investment, including solar powered giveaways designed with quality in mind and reusable gifts that deliver high usability. When you choose high-end Earth Day merchandise, you're giving employees and clients a long-lasting product that will be with them for years.

From the High Sierra® Falcon 10000 mAh Power Bank with a built-in solar panel for tech lovers to the Cork Yoga Mat fit for workout enthusiasts who want to connect with nature day after day using a renewable and biodegradable resource, these luxury green gifts will elevate your company above others in your industry.

Luxury Eco Friendly Gifts

Earth Day Gift Boxes & Sets

Raise awareness with eco-friendly gift baskets and sets that are excellent Earth Day giveaway ideas because they never go out of style. Perfect for remote employees and clients, these gift sets are easy to mail and deliver an assortment of Earth Day promotional products that will keep your company top of mind.

Whether you want to decorate their desk at home with the Desk Duty Essentials Kit or help them travel with ease to out of town events with the Eco-Friendly 4-Piece Set, use Earth Day promo items to support your team and the environment.

Gift boxes

Earth Day Prizes for Kids

The kids today will be the minds shaping the environment in the future, so it's important to help them get an understanding of sustainability and environmental responsibility at an early age. Earth Day provides that opportunity when you incorporate fun activities like building a bird feeder or creating a clean-up science experiment.

Be it a community event, school giveaway or another education opportunity, utilize Earth Day raffle prizes to encourage kids to stay on top of information about their impact on the world around them. Earth Day gift bags filled with fun products – like the Moptoppers® Wheat Straw Screen Cleaner Stylus Pen and the Recycling Story and Me – All About Me™ – are a great way to incentivize kids to learn more about the environment.


8 Earth Day Activities for Companies

  1. Raise Awareness. Use Earth Day trinkets and awareness items to promote the importance of Earth Day and educate others about what it's all about, including the continued protection of natural habitats, the impact of everyday choices and ways to contribute to positive environmental causes.
  2. Get Outside. Taking the time to enjoy nature is one of the best ways to remind people of the value of the outdoors. To connect people to their natural environment, consider hosting a company yoga session, a picnic, a nature walk, an outside company meeting or any other activity that gets people away from their home or office. Add to the excitement with Earth Day gift baskets filled with sustainable products and useful information.
  3. Plant Trees & Flowers. From tree kits to seed packets, give employees the gardening supplies they need to bring about new life around the office, their home or in the community. We even have our own company garden where employees can grow their own fruits and vegetables when they don't have the space at home.
  4. Pick Up Trash. Encourage employees to go out in their local community – individually or as a team – to fill up bags of trash as one of your Earth Day office initiatives. Up the ante by turning the good deed into a challenge and rewarding the people who pick up the most trash with high-end Earth Day boxes packed with prizes, while also giving all participants a commemorative Earth Day t-shirt made from recycled materials.
  5. Update & Share Your Green Company Goals. You may already have a green plan in place for your company, but with new data, your company is probably looking to take further steps to build a more sustainable business and future. Put up posters around the office to stay accountable and to act as a reminder with an updated statement about what you have done, what the results have been and what your future plans are. Always be transparent and don't greenwash. Companies don't go green all at once, and that's perfectly fine. Customers and clients just want to know that you are making a good-faith effort and what they are supporting with their purchases. Make sure you also add a statement on your website and send an updated link in business emails and social media posts.
  6. Award for Green Performance. Whether at the company or individual level, Earth Day is the perfect time to give out awards and recognize green initiatives at your company. Leading up to the celebration, challenge team members to collect the paper and plastic they use for a week and bring it in on Earth Day. Whoever uses the least amount gets high end eco-friendly products, while all participants receive eco-friendly charity gifts for their contributions. Then, donate all the collected waste to a recycling center.
  7. Sponsor a Recycle Anything Day. With programs like TerraCycle, where you bring in a box people can put almost anything in to be recycled, you can encourage employees to recycle items from home that would typically end up in the garbage. For all participants, come up with commemorative Earth Day gifts for employees like a custom-printed, plant-based PopGrip Plant Popsocket – a handy phone gadget made by a company that utilizes TerraCycle facilities.
  8. Host a Class. Whether it's a compost class, where employees can learn how to compost and how it benefits the environment, or a wildlife protection class that shows them the little contributions they can make to protect animals, classes are great Earth Day ideas for work because they provide an educational bonding opportunity for the entire company.

We carry Earth Day gifts businesses will love to help you easily come up with Earth Day ideas for employees and customers. Shop our full selection of promotional products to find the items that work for your sustainability goals. From Earth Day giveaway items to Earth Day gift basket ideas, we have you covered.