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19 Autism Awareness Sayings & T-Shirt Design Ideas to Inspire Acceptance

19 Autism Awareness Sayings & T-Shirt Design Ideas to Inspire Acceptance
published: November 29, 2022

About 1% of the population is on the autism spectrum. 1% may not seem like a lot, but it works out to 3 million+ Americans, so it’s important to raise awareness and inspire acceptance of these unique members of society. Autism Awareness Month quotes, printed on t-shirts and customizable giveaways, are perfect reminders for teachers, students, and the public to focus on the positives of autism.

1. See the Able Not the Label

1. See the Able Not the Label

The word autism brings with it many connotations, many of which aren’t positive. Let students – both autistic and not – know that autism is a superpower with our customizable 2 1/4" Round Button.

2. In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

2. In a World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

We all have choices about how we treat others. Autism awareness quotes like this one remind everyone to use the privilege of American liberty as it should be used: to be kind to everyone, even if they’re different. Our 20 oz Yukon Nova Tumbler is BPA-free, insulated, and customizable so teachers and students can incorporate quotes about autism awareness into their morning routines.

What Makes You Different is What Makes You Beautiful

3. What Makes You Different is What Makes You Beautiful

This is something we all forget at times – that diversity is a good thing and that it’s beautiful that we’re not the same as other people. Create your own autism awareness shirt design on our custom apparel – like our Port & Company® 5.4 Oz. 100% Cotton T-Shirt - Youth – and show off your beliefs – and your autism awareness art – to the world.

Autism is Not a Disability It’s a Different Ability

4. Autism is Not a Disability It’s a Different Ability

Whether an autistic person is good at remembering information, learning visually, or paying attention to detail, there’s no doubt that they see the world a little differently than others. Emphasize autism’s special abilities with this autism awareness quote printed on our Sticker Rolls – 2" Circle.

Color Outside the Lines

5. Color Outside the Lines

This saying perfectly corresponds to our Inspirational Coloring Book & 8-Color Pencil Set – have this inspirational autism awareness day quote printed on the cover, gift these coloring books to autistic kids, and watch their imaginations soar.

Peace Love Acceptance

6. Peace Love Acceptance

Acceptance autism awareness quotes don’t have to be complex. Simply print these three words on our Chameleon Awareness Wristlet to remind students to accept everyone as they are.

Word Cloud

7. Word Cloud

A single word can sometimes create a greater impact than other autism awareness day slogans – and a single word fits better on our Plantable Ribbon Pin for your awareness event. Some great words for autism awareness are Support, Educate, Advocate, Accept, and Love.

The World Needs All Kinds of Minds – Temple Grandin

8. “The World Needs All Kinds of Minds” – Temple Grandin

When you think about it, what makes people interesting is what makes them unique. Positive autism awareness quotes like this point out that those with autism are just as necessary to human society as anyone else. Our Lightweight Cotton Economy Tote Bags – Natural, printed with this Temple Grandin quote, are perfect for carrying books, clothes, or groceries.

Autism Awareness Acceptance

9. Autism Awareness Acceptance

The puzzle piece is recognized as a symbol of the complexity and spectrum of autism, so purchase this symbol in the form of a Puzzle Piece Stress Ball. For autistic students, knowing that others accept them as they are is just as calming as this cute autism awareness giveaway.

I See Your True Colors

10. I See Your True Colors

Hand out our 20 oz Cycling Bottle - Full Color, printed with quotes for autism awareness, to let everyone in your community know that they’re seen as unique individuals.

I Teach Au-some Students

11. I Teach Au-some Students

Autism awareness shirts for teachers, like our comfy Gildan® Heavy Cotton T-Shirt – Full Color customized with this quote, are an awesome way to appreciate teachers dedicated to helping autistic students. Their job isn’t always easy, but they’re changing the lives of special people every day.

Just Different, Not Less

12. Just Different, Not Less

If you’re looking for cheap and small giveaways for an autism awareness event, consider personalized pins, buttons, and ribbons. Emphasize the value of diversity with this autism awareness saying printed on our 1" Lapel Pin.

Awesome Unique Talented Intelligent Special Memorable

13. Awesome Unique Talented Intelligent Special Memorable

Turn “autism” into an acronym with this unique quote for Autism Awareness Day. Print it on our Dual Sided Bookmark for an affordable and compact giveaway and hand these bookmarks out at any autism awareness event.

Neurodiversity is Awesome

14. Neurodiversity is Awesome

Boldly wear your conviction that neurodiversity is awesome with our Link Awareness Wristlet, an unusual version of the classic rubber awareness bracelet. It makes a simple gift for others as well, so use bracelets to spread sayings for autism awareness within your community.

Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?

15. “Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?” – Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss may be known as an author of children’s books, but this inspirational autism awareness quote is one for all ages. Often children, teens, and adults feel pressured into conforming to a certain standard so that they’ll be accepted. Use our 15 oz Full Color Mug to let everyone know that they don’t have to be someone they aren’t – they were born to be different.


16. AU TI SM

Autism awareness shirts for schools are a great way to build school-wide acceptance of autistic students. Autism is something to be proud of, so print the word on our Hanes® ComfortSoft® T-Shirt – Full Color – or browse our wide variety of promotional t-shirts to find other styles – and let autistic students show off their superpower to the world.

Light it Up Blue for Autism

17. Light it Up Blue for Autism

Customize our Blinking Light-Circle with inspirational quotes for autism awareness and light it up blue for autism, whether it’s World Autism Day or not.

There is No Cure for Being Yourself

18. There is No Cure for Being Yourself

Remind people to stop thinking of autism as an incurable disability. Instead, let them know that autism is a personality trait – and an awesome one at that – with our Midcalf Jacquard Socks with Bamboo Thread customized with autism awareness messages.

Think Before You Judge

19. Think Before You Judge

Our Awareness Ribbon Pen, imprinted with this little reminder, makes a great office or school giveaway. Students and teachers will see this autism awareness saying every time they pick up this pen.

Everyone can use a little inspiration every day, and quotes printed on our customizable giveaways really do make a difference in people’s lives. Items like these also make great fundraisers for autism related causes. Print a few of these autism awareness slogans on swag items of your choice to make Autism Awareness Month more special and bring everyone together in support of those with autism and their families.